10A10.20 - Oxygen Liberation

See Procedure
See Procedure.
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Oxygen Liberation
Oxidation - Reduction
Area of Study:
Chemistry, Electricity
30 percent Hydrogen Peroxide, Manganese Dioxide, Bunsen Burner, Matches, Mortar and Pestle, Ring Stand, Catch Pan, Towels, Dishwashing Liquid, 1000 ml Beaker.

Pour the bottle of 30 percent hydrogen peroxide into the beaker. Do not get this on exposed skin as this is a strong oxidizer and will produce burns. Crush some manganese dioxide into a powder with the mortar and pestle. THIS WILL BE DIFFICULT. Add a generous amount of soap to the hydrogen peroxide . When ready add a small amount of the catalyst (manganese dioxide) to the beaker of liquid. A great amount of gas filled bubbles will be liberated . The rate of reaction may be enhanced by warming the solution with the Bunsen burner.

NOTE : The Hydrogen Peroxide must be fresh as it does break down over time. Biochemistry Stores is my usual supplier. 

The reaction is:
2H2O2 -------------> 2H2O + O2 (gas)

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