11-00.01 - Physics of the Human Body Demonstratons

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Physics of the Human Body Demonstratons
Class Demonstrations
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Physics of the Human Body
Microscope, Biology Specimen Slides

Classroom Demonstrations

  • 1J30.75 - Stand on Eggs
  • 2A10.50 - Double Bubble Paradox - Laplace's Law & Alveoli
  • 2B20.25 - Pascal's Paradox - Giraffe - Inverted Pascal - Hydrostatic Paradox File
  • 2B40.20 & 11A10.15 - Hydrostatic Weighing for Body Fat - Archimedes' Principle & Lung - 28 % Body Fat Determination
  • 2B40.30 - Cartesian Diver - Swim Bladder Neutral Buoyancy - Goldfish
  • 3A70.23 - Synchronizing Metronomes
  • 6A42.10, 6A42.53, 6J10.10 - Lens in a Fishtank - Seeing Underwater
  • 7D10.51 & 11B10.20 - Radioactive vs. Irradiated Salt & Radiation Effects - Radioactive Human Body
  • 10A05.20 - Bird on a Wire - Volts vs. Amps
  • 11A10.32 - Veins and Arteries - Laplace's Law and Aneurysms - Long Balloon
  • 11A10.40 - Model of Erector Spinae Muscle Forces
  • 11A10.50 - Karate Blow

Laboratory Experiments

  • 1N10.11 & 11A10.40 - Impulse - Time of Contact & Muscles - Force Plate and Vertical Jump
  • 6A70.10 - Microscopes - Microscopy for Physics Labs
  • 11A10.30 - Model of the Human Heart - Acoustic Signals and the Heart
  • 11A10.10 - 11A10.40 - Model of the Human Skeleton - Bones & Muscles 
  • Capacitance of the Human Body
  • Ballistocardiogram
  • % Body Fat and AC Impedance

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