1A20.10 - Gaussian Probability Curve - Bell Curve - Galton Board

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Gaussian Probability Curve - Bell Curve - Galton Board
Area of Study:
Acrylic Peg Unit with Bottom Catch Bin Array, Styrofoam Glitter Beads, Pour Unit, and Unit to Empty the Catch Bin.

Set the Gaussian probability curve demonstrator on the table and place the pouring unit into position on the top.  Pour in the small square container of beads at any rate that is desired.  This will be enough beads to make a good probability curve.

Picture three shows the unit needed to pour the beads out of the catch bin.  Take the peg unit off of the base and replace it with the pour unit.  Quickly upend the unit into the plastic container with some shaking until all the beads have been removed.

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