1D50.40 - Central Forces - Pail of Water - Wine Butler/Waiter's Tray

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Central Forces - Pail of Water - Wine Butler/Waiter's Tray
Forces Due To Circular Motion
Area of Study:
Water pail (small, 1/2 gal. cap.), Platform and Beaker or Paper Cups.

Fill the small pail about 1/2 full with water and swing in a circular motion. Make sure the water does not pour out of the pail when stopping.. These same instructions apply to the platform and beaker with the added note that to hit anything (such as the instructors leg), while swinging the platform will cause the beaker to fly out tangentially in a spectacular manner.

Styrofoam pellets or confetti may be used instead of water.  

An additional twist when doing this demo is to put absorbent Pampers or absorbent crystals into the bottom of the pail before taking it into the classroom.  Pour the water into the pail in front of the students and then do the demonstration.  At the end of the demo, show the students that there is still water in the bucket by throwing it out over the audience.  Of course, by that time the absorbent material should have absorbed all of the water so there is nothing that comes out of the pail.   

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