1F20.34 - Inertia of Rest - Coin/Card Snap - Daruma Otoshi

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Demo Title:
Inertia of Rest - Coin/Card Snap - Daruma Otoshi
Inertia of Mass
Area of Study:
Inertia App., Note cards, Tissue Paper, Pennies, Tongue Depressor.

Set the demo up with a note card between the ball or marble and the cup. Hit the note card with the spring striker and the card will fly out from underneath the ball and the ball will fall straight down into the cup. (For more dramatic effect the instructor may try to pull a tablecloth from underneath some table settings. (PIRA Demonstration Bibliography 1F20.30).

Make a stack of pennies.  Swing the tongue depressor against the bottom penny and the penny should shoot out leaving the stack intact.

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