1J40.40 - Loaded Beam

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Loaded Beam
Center of Mass
Area of Study:
Dial spring balances, Board, Kg. masses or toy truck with a load, Pasco Dynamics track and car.

The short Pasco Dynamics track with a car and masses can be placed on the scales.  Moving the car to different positions on the track will give different readings on each scale, but the sum will always be the same.  Additional masses can be added to the car.

A toy truck with a load can be used in place of the masses.

A variation of this demonstration is to place the board on top of the two scales.  Place Kg. masses on the board in different places.  Move the scales under the board to positions where their readings are the same.

The scales can be replaced with force sensors.  Watch the reading of each force sensor as you move the heavy ball to different positions on the aluminum bar.

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