1Q40.40 - Action-Reaction Demo - Train Demo

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Action-Reaction Demo - Train Demo
Action & Reaction
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Electric train on circular track, 12 V DC power supply.

Hook the 12 V power supply to the train track observing the color codes and the directions printed on the track board. The train track and the contact points on the train engine need to be cleaned thoroughly with a soft cloth and the 'Rail-Zip' cleaner before use. The Hobby Corner at Sycamore Mall has this and other accessories for the train. The drive wheel on the engine (the one with the groove in it ) needs to have its traction rings changed periodically. O-rings or rubber bands may be used for this purpose. Do not use more than 15 VDC when running the train.  

The executive magnetic toy will also show this effect.  Spin one of the rotators and watch the other rotate in the opposite direction.

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