3A60.40 - Driven Resonance - Pasco Oscillator and Rotating Mass on a Spring

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Demo Title:
Driven Resonance - Pasco Oscillator and Rotating Mass on a Spring
Simple Harmonic Motion
Area of Study:
Pasco Harmonic Motion Machine, Masses for Machine (2 of them and 50 g each), and Rotating Mass on a Spring App.

Practice will be needed for the Pasco machine. Resonance for the Pasco machine should be around 179 to 181.

The rotating mass has masses that can be added which will allow it to rotate out of balance.  Hang the rotating mass by its spring on a very sturdy rod and crossrbar.  Spin the mass and as it slows down in will eventually send the system into resonance as evidenced by a very large oscillation.

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