5 - 00.00 - Support Equipment used for Electricity and Magnetism

The following list refers to manuals and files for support equipment used for demonstrating electricity and magnetism.
The following list refers to manuals and files for support equipment used for demonstrating electricity and magnetism.
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5 - 00.00
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Support Equipment used for Electricity and Magnetism
Electricity & Magnetism
Circuit Diagrams for Various Demonstrations, Demonstration Electroscopes, Voltaic Pile and Information, Batteries, Capacitors, Inductors, Rowland Ring Apparatus, Heating Elements, Compasses, Dip Needles, Generators (Regular and Genecon).
  • Burton Brody, "Repairing Gold Lewaf Electroscopes", TPT, Vol. 14, #6, Sept. 1976, p. 374, also A Potpourri of Physics Teaching Idea - Tricks of the Trade.
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  • P. N. Murgatroyd and M. Belloufi, "Simple Demountable Helmholtz Coils", AJP, Vol. 56, #5, May 1988, p. 478.
  • Michael Nunez, "A Headphone Grows in Brooklyn", Popular Science, Sept. 2015, p. 14.
  • J. Lukin, The Boy Engineers, Forgotten Books, 1901, reprinted 2012, p. 332-339.



  • Batteries
  • Buzzer or Bell - Electric
  • Capacitors - Decade
  • Circuit Boards
  • Circuit Diagrams
  • Compass and Dip Needle's
  • Electrometer
  • Electroscopes - Braun & Equipoise
  • Electroscopes - Central Scientific & Project - O - Scope, & Low Cost
  • Electroscopes - FET Type
  • Electrostatic Generators - Dirod
  • Galvanometer - Lecture Table
  • Hand Crank Generator - Genecon
  • Hard Drives
  • Helmholtz Coils
  • Inductor - Data Sheets
  • Induction Coil
  • Iron Fillings
  • Knife Type Heaters
  • Magnetic Pole Tester
  • Magnetizer
  • Magnets
  • Meters
  • Nalgene Dessicators
  • Object Lamp
  • Oscilloscopes (9B37.00)
  • Piezo Electric Generator
  • Resistors - Decade
  • Rowland Ring
  • Standard Cells - Weston
  • Switches
  • U-Core
  • Ultra-Capacitors
  • Vacuum Tubes
  • Variac
  • Voltaic Pile
  • Voltage Tester

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