5A40.30 - Electrostatic 2x4

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Demo Title:
Electrostatic 2x4
Electrostatic Repulsion and Attraction, Induction
Area of Study:
Electricity & Magnetism
2 X 4 Board, Watch Glass Pivot on Stand, Electrostatic Rods, Cat's Fur and Silk, Meter Sticks, and Aluminum Meter Stick.

Hold a charged rod near the end of the 2 X 4 and observe the board move slowly toward the rod. Both the plus charged and minus charged rods will show this behavior. The Fun Fly Stick may be substituted for the charged rod when working in a humid environment.

The wooden and aluminum meter sticks work exactly as the 2 X 4 described above even though one is an insulator and one is a conductor.

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