5E60.12 - Piezoelectric Crystal Demo

Code Number:
Demo Title:
Piezoelectric Crystal Demo
Piezoelectric Crystal
Area of Study:
Electricity & Magnetism
Piezoelectric Crystal Circuit Board, Neon or Argon Bulb for Piezoelectric Circuit, Large Rochelle Salt Crystal (Sodium Potassium Tartrate), Flash Rocks, Grill Lighter, and Piezo Popper.

This demo works on the principle that the bending of the special crystal produces a voltage discharge.  The gas light bulbs act as visual indicators of this discharge.

The flash rocks have quartz crystals impregnated in them so that when you subject them to stress the quartz gives an electrical discharge.  Stress means hitting, rubbing, or squeezing the rocks together.

Add 2 drops of methanol to the film canister at the end of the Piezo popper.  Shake vigorously.  Point away from all individuals and pull the trigger.  This can be used to show how a gas engine works.

A variation of the first demo described here is to solder a small neon bulb to the contacts of a used grill lighter.  Pressing the trigger causes the bulb to flash briefly.

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