5F20.30 - Potentiometer

Code Number:
Demo Title:
Resistance and Voltage Changes
Area of Study:
Electricity & Magnetism
Two 'D' Cell Batteries, Uniform Slide Wire, Galvanometer, Special Resistor for Galvanometer.

Arrange as illustrated. Insert the special resistor into the binding posts on the galvanometer. You will now have full scale deflection when using 'D' cell batteries. Push the key switch until it touches the slide wire and observe the deflection. Reposition until zero deflection is observed. If used with a standard cell the value of the other cell may be calculated.

The special resistor is always kept with the potentiometer slide wire board.

Jasper Halekas uses a simplified version of this to show varying voltage with resistance.  Use one of the meter sticks with the 13 ohm/meter wire attached to it and the LED and battery arrangement from the 5D10.25, "Conducting Foam" demo box.

An interesting variation is to place another cell into one leg of the potentiometer loop.  Shown is a wet cell consisting of a copper and zinc electrode using a dilute solution of acetic acid as the electrolite.  The equilibrium point moves down to approximately the 27 cm position.

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