5H30.25 - Planetterella - Van Allen Radiation Belts

Iowa Planetterella
Aurora + Auroral Lobes
Auroral Lobes
Ring Current
Photo Credits: https://www.nasa.gov/feature/goddard/2019/nasa-s-van-allen-probes-begin-final-phase-of-exploration-in-earths-radiation-belts
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Planetterella - Van Allen Radiation Belts
Planetary Radiation Belts
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Earth's Magnetic Field
The Iowa Planetterella Unit.

Plug in the Iowa Planetterella unit and then turn on the power strip.  The vacuum pump should start and after a few seconds the Rasberry display panel will come alive.  Make sure the vacuum valve is closed when the vacuum pump starts.  If desired, you can inject Neon at this time by opening the valves on the Neon lecture bottle.  Open the folder labeled "Iowa Planetterella" on the display unit.  Then open the file labeled "Offline.py" and then hit the "Run/Play" button.  This wil bring up the display that has switches for the H.V. power supply, the Neon injection, the H.V. current, and the H.V. voltage.  Once these are set to the desired levels you can switch between the "Aurora", "Radiation Belt", and "Ring Current" settings.  


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