5K10.82 - Homopolar Motor as a Generator

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Homopolar Motor as a Generator
Motors & Generators
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Electricity & Magnetism
Homopolar Motor Unit and Roller with internal magnets, Large Gray Lecture Galvanometer or the Large Older (Ancient) Black Lecture Galvanometer.

See: 5H40.53 - Homopolar Motor and 5H40.38 - Lorentz Force With a Twist demonstrations. 

Connect the Unit to the gray or ancient black lecture galvanometers.  ( These two have the best sensitivity for this demonstration ).  Slide the copper pipe containing the two cylindrical magnets on the rails and notice that there is little to no deflection of the galvanometer pointer.  Now roll the copper pipe on the rails and note the observed deflection of the galvanometer pointer.  The TPT, Vol. 36, #8, Nov. 1998, p. 474 article explains this behavior very well.

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