5M10.10 - Hall Effect

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Hall Effect
Semiconductors and Magnetic Fields
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Electricity & Magnetism
Hall Effect Apparatus Control Board, N-Doped, P-Doped, and Undoped Sample Circuit Boards, Horseshoe Magnet, 12 VAC Power Supply, Multimeter.

The N-Doped board will work best for this demonstration.  Carefully insert the desired board into the control panel.  CAUTION:  the pins on the boards need to be properly aligned for insertion into the control panel.  Connect the power supply and make sure it is set at exactly 12 VAC.  Connect the external multimeter to the control panel so that the meter readings / control panel readings can be made visible with the video camera.  Insert the board into the poles of a horseshoe magnet and observe the meter readings.  Reverse the direction of the magnet and again observe the meter readings.  The readings should increase in the plus direction on the meter for one direction of the magnetic field of the magnet.  Reversing the direction of the magnetic field of the magnet should show an increase in the minus direction on the meter. 


Charles E. Armentrout, "The Hall Effect in Copper: An Undergraduate Experiment", AJP, Vol. 58, #8, Aug. 1990, p. 758.

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