6A01.10 - Speed of Light

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Speed of Light
Speed of Light
Area of Study:
Optics, Astronomy
Modulated Laser, Metrologic Speed of Light/Laser Video Kit, Oscilloscope (Tektronix 2235), Cenco Speed of Light Apparatus.

The Cenco Speed of Light Unit is very easy and effective for use in the classroom.  Just plug the 15 cm cable between the transmitter and receiver to establish a baseline trace.  Then replace the 15 cm cable with the 20 m cable and observe the shift.  Time and units are read directly off the oscilloscope.

For use as a measure of the speed of light the metro logic kit is not very good for our situation because of the long setup time and long path length involved.  This unit is excellent for the transmission of audio and video signals however.

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