6A01.30 - Speed of Light - Rotating Mirror

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Speed of Light - Rotating Mirror
Speed of Light
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Optics, Astronomy
Pasco Speed of Light Apparatus, 2 meter meter stick, Old Lab Setup with rotating Mirror.

NOTE:  THIS APPARATUS IS DESIGNED TO BE A PRECISION LAB AND NOT AS A CLASSROOM DEMONSTRATION.  FOR OUR DEMONSTRATION PURPOSES IT IS USED TO SHOW THE PARTS AND ORIENTATION OF A "ROTATING MIRROR" SPEED OF LIGHT ASSEMBLY ONLY!!  If you need to set this up as a working speed of light unit, alignment is critical to Pasco Apparatus since we are using a short path length on the order of 160 cm so that it all fits on one table.  Allow at least 2 to 3 hours for setup.  However, once setup is complete the apparatus can be wheeled around without seriously affecting the alignment if moved carefully. 

The description of the old LEYBOLD apparatus setup is shown in picture 3.  

NOTE:  The only real change the LEYBOLD apparatus has from the Pasco setup are much longer path lengths (on the order of 6 to 20 meters) and the use of a screen instead of a measuring microscope.  The extremely long path length and correspondingly long setup make this unacceptable for lecture.

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