6A42.20 - Refraction - Laser and Tank

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Demo Title:
Refraction - Laser and Tank
Refraction of Light Waves
Area of Study:
Fish Tank with Water, Fluorescein Dye (Water Soluble), Helium-Neon Laser (5 mW), Green Laser Pointers, Pine-Sol, and Green Fluorescent Dye.

Video Credit: Jonathan M. Sullivan-Wood

Using the laser you may demonstrate total internal reflection and by using the aerosol haze spray or water mist to make the laser beam visible in air you may demonstrate index of refraction properties.

CAUTION: These are high power lasers.  Extreme care must be taken to insure that they are NEVER pointed at the audience, or more likely, impact the eyes of the lecturer.

The usual solution for the fish tank is to put 2 tablespoons of "Pine-Sol" into the 40 gallons of water that the tank holds.  1/4 bottle of the green fluorescent dye can also be added to enhance the laser beam viewing.  This solution will work with both green and red lasers.

A solution that will work only for red lasers is to put 3 to 4 teaspoons of water soluble Fluorescein into the 40 gallons of water the tank holds.

The above solutions will only need to be emptied from the tank if the water become dirty of collects too much chalk.  Otherwise, they will remain good for this demonstration for up to a decade.

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