6A70.23 - Telescopes - Refractors and Reflectors

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Telescopes - Refractors and Reflectors
Lens Systems and Focal Lengths
Area of Study:
Refractor Telescopes, 14 Inch Reflector Telescope with Plexiglas Body, 6 Inch Plexiglas Demo Reflecting Telescope, Galileoscope, Spyglass Variable Length Telescopes, and Tasco Telescope.

See also 8D20.40 in Astronomy.

The refractors and 14 inch reflector telescopes are mainly for show and tell as their focal lengths do not allow you to see images of any object inside the classroom.

The Galileoscope and the Spyglass telescopes are ready to go at a moments notice.  You will need to adjust the length on each telescope to bring your viewing object into focus.  This adjustment will be critical when trying to image something in the Lecture Rooms.

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