6D20.23 - Gratings - Phase or Holographic Gratings

See paragraph one in the procedure section.
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Gratings - Phase or Holographic Gratings
Refraction and Dispersion
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Optics, Astronomy
5 inch X 5 inch Holographic grating, Slit Mask, Overhead Projector, Small laser pointer with different phase gratings to screw on.

Place the slit mask on the overhead projector and the grating on the head of the projector in the exit beam.  There is a piece of Velcro on the overhead to hold the grating.  Turn on the overhead and you will observe a rainbow spectrum.

Place the desired grating head on the laser. When turned on, a pattern made by the grating will be projected on the wall.  The patterns available are: Star, Spaceship, Hand, I Luv U, Star (points), and Spider Web.

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