6D30.30 - Thin Film Interference - Air Wedges with Sodium Light

See paragraph one in the procedure section.
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Thin Film Interference - Air Wedges with Sodium Light
Thin Film Interference
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Sodium Lamp with Power Supply and Accessories, Round Glass Plates (2).

Plug the sodium lamp into the power supply and turn on. Allow about 5 minutes warm-up time. Adjust the screens in front of the lamp so that the light is directed onto the round plates directly in front of the lamp. Place one of the plates on top of the other. As the air is driven from between the two plates interference patterns are observed.  Note that the pattern is not symmetrical due to irregularities of the plates or dust between the plates.  

To observe a precise pattern you must use the optical flat. 

There is a way to have large audiences view the inteference patterns if a video camera or projector is unavailable.  Position the sodium lamp about 1 meter from a screen and pointing toward the screen.  Pass out two microscope slides to each member of the audience.  Put the two microscope slides together and look through them to view the sodium light on the screen.  The interference patterns should be visible and can be changed by pressing the microscope slides together harder. 

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