6H20.10 - Polarization - Brewster's Angle

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Polarization - Brewster's Angle
Polarization by Reflection
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Optics, E & M
6 Volt Projector and Transformer, Smoked Glass Plate, Front Surface Mirror, Polaroid's, Protractor, and Black Cloth.

Place the lamp so that is strikes the smoked glass at an angle of approximately 56 degrees from the normal. The reflected part of the ray will now be polarized, which can be shown by shutting the ray on and off with one of the polarizing plates. Place the mirror on top of the smoked glass plate. Since the reflected ray now contains both directions of polarization you will be unable to shut the beam off with a Polarizer.

NOTE: An unpolarized laser will also work in place of the projector lamp.

You can show polarization by reflection using a laser and a plate of glass. Place the glass in the beam of the laser at the Brewster's angle. Place a polarizer in the beam of the reflected light and by rotating the polarizer you will be able to turn the reflected beam on or off.

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