6J11.11 - Optic Top - Benham's Disk

See paragraph one in the procedure section.
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Demo Title:
Optic Top - Benham's Disk
Integration of Light Pulses by the Eye
Area of Study:
Optics, Human Biology
Benham's wheel top, Benham's wheel cutouts, used CD's, pennies, Op-Tric Set.

Spin the disk under bright or normal lighting.  Even though the disk is black and white, when spun the strobing effect will make it appear that the disk has colors.  Reds and yellows are most apparent, but greens and blues can be seen if observed carefully.

The Op-Tric set has several top patterns that will also show colors when spun.  

A set of optics tops are in 6J11.30 with the Zoetrope.

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