8A70.10 - Planetary Magnetism

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Planetary Magnetism
Magnetic Forces & Fields
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Electricity & Magnetism
Overhead Magnets, Iron Filings, Iron Filings in Pop Bottles with Inserted Test Tube, Neodymium Magnets, and Dip Needles.

Place the magnets attached to the Plexiglas on the overhead and sprinkle on the iron filings.  Observe the magnetic field lines.

3-D magnetic field lines may observed with the pop bottle arrangement.

CAUTION: Do not drop the magnets into the test tube as the bottom will break out.

Slide the magnets gently into the test tube.  These magnets may be removed from the apparatus after demonstration with the use of the small metal rods.

Align the dip needle with the north/south magnetic poles of the Earth.  For our location the dip needles should have an angle of approximately 72 or 73 degrees from the horizontal.

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