8C20.50 - Cosmic Web, Gravitational Waves - LIGO

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Cosmic Web, Gravitational Waves - LIGO
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Astronomy and Mathematics
Black Cloth, Salt or Sand, and Gravitational Wave Websites.

Current theory hints at a comic web the determines the distribution of dark matter in the universe.  The demo shows that if you have a uniform distribution there is no clumping of the matter, but if there is a web or framework, the matter distributes along the web.

Sites on gravitational waves can be found on the web.

A simulation of gravitational waves can be made by filling a beaker with some of the reclaimed glycerin we have on hand and then placing a rotating rod in the center that is driven by a variable speed power drill.  Scatter some Lycopodium powder on the surface of the glycerin to enhance the visual effect.  A slow rotation rate is all that is necessary.  The rotating rod must not have any wobble when spinning.  Also see 4F10.10 for the shear force demo that this is used for.

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