1D60.10 - Property of Inertia Demo - Jeep & Gun

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Demo Title:
Property of Inertia Demo - Jeep & Gun
Area of Study:
Jeep with Spring-Loaded Gun and Metal Rod for Gun.

This demonstration works best if care is taken to pull the pin straight out of the hole. Deceleration of the jeep occurs if the pin is pulled at any appreciable angle. Make sure that the jeep does not fall off the lecture bench as this could bend the attached spring gun.

The track for the Pasco apparatus must be level before starting. Also make sure the gun alignment is correct. This may be adjusted with the screws adjustments on the gun mechanism. Mount the triggering flag at the proper height. When the cart and gun are pushed down the track the gun will automatically fire when triggered by the flag.

Another version of this demonstration with the Pasco apparatus is to use a bridge to cover a portion of the track. If the gun it triggered before it hits the bridge the ball should shoot over the bridge and be caught in the car at it emerges from under the bridge.

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