3B22.11 - Standing Waves in a String - Melde's Experiment

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Standing Waves in a String - Melde's Experiment
Melde's Experiment
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Plexiglas Box Stand, Reed Vibrator with attached 8 ft String (Constant Diameter), Pulley, Small Masses and Hanger or the Screw Tension Apparatus, Reed Vibrator with attached Green Fish Line (Tapered/Decreasing Diameter vs. Length), Driven Tuning Fork, Mechanical Oscillator, Longitudinal Wave Spring, Amplifier, and Wave Generator.

Assemble the apparatus as indicated. By varying the amount of mass or tension on the string you can get from 2 to 11 or 13 standing waves. In the constant diameter string these waves are all the same size. In the decreasing diameter (tapered) string the waves will be of different sizes. For instance there will be 3 waves on one half of the string vs. only 2 on the other half, instead of 3 on each half.

This is best seen in the classroom when set high enough to use the blackboards as background.

The reed vibrator in the above instructions may be replaced with the driven tuning fork if desired. 2 to 8 VDC of several amps will be needed to run the driven forks.

The Cenco 60 Hz. mechanical drivers also come with a version of the Melde's experiement using Aluminum, Steel, and Copper wires of different diameters which can easily be set up with any of the other mechanical drivers we have if desired.   

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